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Computer Repair Depot and Walk-in Retail Store


Flickertronics Walk-in Computer Repair Depot offers walk-in sales and service as well as mail order depot computer repair as well as data recovery services. We also carry parts and accessories.

Our Walk-in Repair services include:

  • Computer Repair / Troubleshooting
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Hardware Upgrades / Installation
  • Software Upgrades / Installation
  • Operating System Updates
  •  Memory Upgrades
  • Optimize your PC
  • Fix Internet connectivity issues
  • Computer repair


Computer repair and sales Located next to Target at 1550 US 1 Highway 1 South St. Augustine FL. 32084


Business Telephone, Internet, TV and Data

Ever used an Insurance Broker, or a Real Estate Broker? Why not a Telecom Broker? Telecommunications are the life line of your company. Let an unbiased broker work on your behalf to find the optimal services for your company.
Brokered Services at No Cost to You! Flickertronics is a telecom broker representing over 70 telecom carriers.
We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses with no telecom professionals on staff, to find the best service available. No Hassle, No Bias.

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Managed Business IT Solutions

With Flickertronics you can “grow as you go.” This means you have the flexibility to start with the managed IT services that make the most sense for your organization, and then grow with us as your needs grow.

Our Business IT services provide:  

  • Business only on-site support
  • Manage and monitor Desktops, Mobile devices, Servers and Networks
  • Manage Antivirus, Network Security, Endpoint Security and Firewalls
  • Local Area (LAN) and Wide Area (WAN) Design, Installation, and Maintenance for connecting Multiple Locations with Phone, Data, and Internet
  • Subscription based model allows you to order only the specific services you need

Data Recovery


Managed Continuity helps you to protect your systems, minimize data loss and keep your business running by:
  • Monitoring the status of your IT
  • Building a clear picture of your systems
  • Analyzing risks
  • Producing regular reports
  • Highlighting potential issues
  • Providing Backup Services
  • Giving you quick, flexible access to data
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Providing support to get you up and running



Managed Backup and Continuity

computer backup

Managed Continuity helps you to protect your systems, minimize data loss and keep your business running and is ideal for Managed Service Providers (MSP's), IT Service Providers, Datacenters, Telco's, ISPs, and Enterprise.
  • Security Focused Storage
  • On and Offsite Recovery
  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • VMware and Hyper-V Backup
  • Continous recovery option - Always on and up to date
  • Virtual Disaster Recovery
  • Data Archiving and File Versioning
Massive Scalability
Below are examples of actual Max Backup scenarios
  • Example 1: 250 servers, 14TB, 100 VM's
  • Example 2: 100 servers, 25TB, global
  • Example 3: 400 laptops, always remote
  • Example 4: 200 servers, 20TB, datacenter
  • Example 5: 150 servers, 150 locations

Managed Backup Details Managed Continuity